The Team

Our main team consists of these people.

  • Kamaldeep SinghKamal Deep Singh: You will be see his name on most of the important posts and posts of exclusive nature. He is the Founder of KDS Tech Network and loves the always-changing technology. When not working online, he can be doing Truck Parts business. He is also the ex-owner of popular website, You can find his personal thoughts on | Twitter.
  • kita juneKita June: A Student, studies at University of North Texas. She is also a marathoner and has managed to destroy a few computers at home while pushing them to their limits. She is now a news editor at
  • mohit sharmaMohit Sharma: He handles the back end and prevents servers from crashing. When free, he posts some news about mini laptops on and
  • Jasmeet Kaur: The chief author of and for the past 3 years.
  • Gurmeet Singh: Gurmeet handles iPhone and Android news at

Members of Truck and Trailer Division

  • Gurmeet Singh
  • Kamaldeep Singh
  • Shiv Kumar
  • Anchit Sharma

Other News Editors of KDS Tech Network.

  • Twinkle Arora
  • Saumya Reddy
  • Gagan Dhingra
  • Navdeep Thakur
  • Ankur Bajato
  • Anubhav Jha
  • Radhey Shyam
  • Rajan Purohit
  • Dimsea Arora
  • Jiao Miller

You can contact us by visiting this page.