Easiest way to convert video to MP4 file format

MP4 is currently the most popular file format. This is chiefly because of the fact you can play it easily not only on your desktop but also on mobile devices. Another reason why MP4 is so famous is due to the fact that it occupies less space than other popular file formats like AVI and MPG. AVI and MPG file formats are not playable on most mobile devices like Apple and windows phones and you can easily solve this compatibility problem by downloading and installing the Movavi Video Converter. The software is very easy to use and even an eight year old can convert any video on earth to MP4. The company has been making and offering video processing applications from past ten years and is already trusted by thousands.

The Movavi Video converter allows you convert video to mp4 format in just couple of clicks. Just get a copy of their app from their official website and double click on the EXE file to get started. An installation wizard will open that will guide you on how to install it on your computer. Installation should take only a few seconds and you will find its shortcut on your desktop.

Easiest way to convert video to MP4 file format

Double tap on it to start the application. Browse for the video file that you wish to convert to MP4 format and select the destination. You can add as many files as you want as the software supports batch file conversion that saves time and improves efficiency. If your computer has Nvidia Cuda GPU, you will be able to process multiple videos at the same time.

If you do not specify the destination folder, the default output path will be chosen for storing converted files. You can also set the output format which effects the encoder that will be used for compressing files. Since we want to convert to MP4 format, we will it from the drop down list. Now it is time to hit that Convert button so that the encoding process starts. The Movavi video converter makes use of super advance algorithms which makes sure that the entire encoding process is as small as possible. The company claims that their application is 79 times faster than the rival apps.

After the conversion is complete, the output folder will open containing your converted files which can then be transferred to your mobile device. If you are using an iPhone or any other iOS device, you will have to use iTunes for transferring data.